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Driving Home Telematics Technology to Indiana Drivers

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to fueling safe driving practices. Even with extensive research available, it can be difficult for drivers to relate to statistics not personalized to their own habits. However, as is often the case, technology has an answer to this challenge.


Insurance companies, such as Progressive and Safeco, have the key to telematics devices, which can to monitor an individual’s driving behavior. This product not only steers additional research for insurance companies, but also turns an opportunity for driving discounts based on safe driving behaviors.


At Norris insurance, we’re focused on staying ahead of the curve and offering the most innovative, cost-effective solutions for Indiana drivers. Telematics devices are a prime example of this mission in action.

Accelerating Benefits and Discounts to Auto Insurance Investors

Telematics devices are tools we advise clients consider to help save money on their auto insurance policy. We have access to a pair of programs through a pair of our trusted carriers - Progressive and Safeco.


Both programs operate off data gained from a device plugged into your vehicle, tracking a variety of behaviors, such as:

  • Nighttime Driving
  • Miles Driven Per Day
  • Hard Breaking
  • Fast Accelerating

Although each program differs in some regards, agents are available to navigate options and map out a fitting plan for you and your passengers.


Progressive implements a program known as “Snapshot.” This usage-based solution gives drivers the ability to earn an auto insurance rate based on how they actually operate a motor vehicle. In turn, drivers get a discounted rate immediately upon opting into the program, which remains on the policy for six months. The final discount earned is based on the statistics gathered. The timeframe for tracking is the lifecycle of the policy period.


Safeco counters with “RightTrack.” Unlike Snapshot, RightTrack cannot impact the base rate – in a negative fashion – but instead administers discounts up to 30 percent on auto insurance premiums. An automatic 5 percent discount is applied when drivers opt into the program, and the final discount is determined based on the tracking results. A 90-day timeframe is issued to gather results.


To gain powerful knowledge on this valuable offering, contact an agent at your convenience. If you’re interested in mapping out auto insurance coverage with our agency, feel free to request a quote.

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