Norris Insurance Road Races

For information about this year’s races or to print a hard copy of the race entry form click on our Entry Form link. You may also choose to register online at Please note that the online registration will charge an additional $2.49 processing fee.

Norris Insurance holds four different road races every year that are a part of the Club Kokomo Roadrunners Race Series.  The races are held each year in Amboy, Kokomo, Greentown and Converse.  No matter what age, size, or physical ability all runners and walkers are encouraged to participate.


Upcoming Schedule:

Amboy 5k March 21 Race Cancelled*  
Komoko 5k May 9 Jackson Morrow Park 8:30am
Greentown 5k June 13 Greentown 4-H Fairgrounds 8:00am
Converse 5k August 1 Front of First Farmers Bank - downtown 8:00am


*Our apologies, but we have decided in everyone's best interest to cancel the Amboy race due to the Coronavirus.

Race                                    Where 

2019 Results

Amboy                                                  Amboy Park                                          Results
Kokomo                                                Jackson Morrow Park                           Results
reentown                                           Greentown 4-H Fairgrounds                 Results
onverse                                             In front of First Farmers Bank               Results

2018 Results

Amboy                                                   Amboy Park                                           Results
Kokomo                                                 Jackson Morrow Park                            Results
Greentown                                            Eastern Elementary School                   Results
Converse                                             In front of First Farmers Bank                 Results

2017 Results

Amboy                                                   Amboy Park                                          Results
Kokomo                                                 Jackson Morrow Park                             Results
Greentown                                              Eastern Elentary School                         Results
Converse                                             In front of First Farmers Bank                 Results                   

2016 Results

Amboy                                                     Amboy Park                                         Results
Kokomo                                                  Jackson Morrow Park                             Results
Greentown                                              Eastern Elementary School                     Results
Converse                                                In front of First Farmers Bank                  Results

2015 Results

Amboy                                                    Amboy Park                                          Results
Kokomo                                                  Jackson Morrow Park                             Results
Greentown                                              Eastern Elementary School                     Results
Converse                                                In front of First Farmers Bank                  Results



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